Erickson Aero Tanker MD87 Fire Bomber


The Erickson Aero Tanker is the most versatile fire bomber available.


FAA certified standard category

900 miles loaded strike range

5000 foot runway capability loaded

Interagency Tanker Board approved

450 knot cruise

3000 gallon capacity in all environments up to 40 degree C

Take off and land fully loaded

“Every drop from 101 has been outstanding and very productive and efficient in the fuel types we have encountered”
— -Wayne Grieff, SEAT Pilot
“Good drop. Accurate and uniform pattern. System worked well.”
— -Greg House, ASM Pilot, BLM
“Maneuverability is excellent. Patterns are better than expected, especially in steep terrain. Nice addition to the fleet.”
— -Paul Lenmark, Lead Plane Pilot
“Easy to work with and very professional.” -
— Allison Young, USFS
“I was impressed by the length of the line produces and consistency overall.”
— -Matthew Corley, ATGS BLM
“Appreciate the great drop and quick response.”
— -Michael Demello, ATGS USFS
“Proactive crew with a fast aircraft.”
— -Dano Perez, USFS
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