How many tankers will you have available for International work ?

We currently have 3 MD87's and 2 DC7's available for international work beginning September of 2018.

How many gallons of retardant do you carry ?

3000 gallons 

What is your runway requirement loaded ?

With a full load of retardant we can dispatch off a 5200 ft runway, at 1000 ft elevation or less and 30 C OAT. 

Can you take off and land with a full load of retardant onboard ?

Yes, in all circumstances including engine failure

Can you carry foam ?


How quickly can you load and turn ?

The MD-87 fire tanker is loaded using one or two(individual or simultaneously)  3” coupled loading ports on each side of the fuselage,  just forward of the wing. These ports can sustain up to 600 gallons per minute flow maximum. Few, if any tanker bases  utilize both ports, loading using a single port at an average flow rate of 450 gallons per minute, giving  the load time of under 7 minutes. Hot loading is permitted and can be accomplished on request. 

Do you fly pressurized ?

Yes, the MD-87 can pressurize with the dispersant tank empty. The MD-87 holds a significant advantage over other Large Air Tankers of being able to drop a load of retardant and climb to cruise altitude to return to base for another load, saving time and fuel.

What are your drop speeds ?

We drop at speeds between 135 and 140 knots

Are you Interagency tanker board approved ?


Who is Aero Air LLC. ?

Aero Air LLC. is the parent company that wholly owns Erickson Aero Tanker

Do you need to reconfigure or unload for reposition ?

The MD-87 fire bomber can land loaded and also carry all of its support equipment and spares without reconfiguring or unloading retardant.  We are always "Fire Ready"

What is you fleet size ?

Erickson Aero Tanker currently has 5 MD-87 3000 gallon tankers and 3 DC-7 3000 gallons tankers.  In addition we have two more MD-87's ready to convert.